Foods you should avoid on a soft food diet

Medical professionals often suggest special diets to help people recover from bouts of illness or certain medical procedures. Soft diets, including foods that are soft and easy to digest, are popularly used in the clinical setting and. If you are suggested a soft diet, you might wonder what foods you should avoid, besides what foods you should eat.

There are many foods that should be avoided when you are following a soft food diet. Foods that are tough to chew or hard to digest should be restricted. In addition, spicy and very acidic foods are also off-limits.

Here is a list of foods that are commonly restricted on soft diets:

  • Vegetables: deep-fried vegetables, raw vegetables, vegetables with seeds or rinds
  • Fruits: fresh fruits (with some exceptions such as bananas and avocados), dried fruits, fruits with seeds and peels, highly acidic fruits such as limes and lemons
  • Dairy products: hard cheeses, cheeses with nuts or dried fruit, yogurt with added ingredients like chocolate or nuts
  • Grains and starches: chewy or crusty breads, hard crackers, high fiber breads and grains like shredded wheat and seeded breads, popcorn, French fries
  • Meat, poultry, and fish: whole cuts of meat or poultry, tough cuts of meat, poultry, or fried fishhigh fat processed meats like shellfish, bacon, soups or stews with tough chunks of meat
  • Fats: seeds, nuts, crunchy nut butters, coconut flakes
  • Miscellaneous: chewy candies, seeded jams or jellies
  • Spicy or irritating foods: gas-promoting foods such as cabbage and beans, tomato sauce, hot peppers, tabasco sauce
  • Beverages: caffeinated, alcohol beverages might be restricted depending on the condition being treated
Healthy Vegetables

Remember that your healthcare provider might recommend other restrictions depending on your condition. It is important to have a good understanding of the diet that you are prescribed as well as your individual dietary needs.

In conclusion, foods that are difficult to chew and hard to digest, as well as spicy and very acidic foods, should commonly be avoided when you are following a soft food diet.