Top 10 Most Popularly Played Sports in The World (part 1)

It is not easy to estimate exact participation numbers for sports, but we can have a general idea of some of the most popularly played sports using available research. Here are the top ten most popular participation sports all over the world.


It is estimated by the Federation of International Basketball Associations that a minimum of 450 million people play basketball all around the world, especially in the US, China, and across Continental Europe and South America. Therefore, basketball is one of the most played global sports. In terms of basketball competition, the men’s professional basketball league in North America named National Basketball Association (NBA) is the most significant professional league in the world. In India, the sport is played by men and women of all ages with considerable patronage for the game among the younger generations. Many government institutions in the country also have professional basketball teams, who play and work for the institutions.


Research shows that there are about 800 million people playing volleyball at least once a week around the world. This sport is mostly played in North America, Western Europe, and India. Volleyball has more than 220 affiliated national federations and an estimated global following of 900 million fans. It is very widely popular in schools and colleges in many countries and is regarded as one of the best team sports.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis, or Ping-pong, is an indoor sport that originated in England and is now played by almost all countries all over the world. Research shows that an estimated 300 million people play table tennis worldwide.

Table tennis is also one of the most preferred family sports as it can be played in the comfort of one’s home. China has dominated the sport for the last 20 years. In many countries, table tennis has also become one of the most popular sports with its integration in schools, sports centers, and social clubs.