The Most Helpful Ways to Improve Children’s Mental Health (part 2)

4. Provide structure

Once we have known that some boundaries and routines are in place, we find it easier to deal with failures and struggles in life, including rules for playtime, limits on electronics, boundaries at bedtime, and expectations on the way we treat others and ourselves. Placing boundaries and structure helps you tell your children that you love them, which will be invested in their well-being.

5. Make healthy choices

Physical health plays a key role in mental health. Our body and our mind are connected intricately, and it has been proven that regular exercise, healthy eating, and adequate sleep can improve our mood and protect against mental health disorders.

Parents should encourage and model healthy choices for kids, such as:

  • Being physically active
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Getting plenty of sleep
  • Teaching responsible use of technology

6. Let children be bored

Boredom is when creativity takes root. A no play date is when your children learn how to solve problem, manage time, engage their imagination, how to manage conflict with their siblings and friends, and how to develop self-control and be independent. These are keys in building resiliency and improving your children’s mental health.

7. Model good behavior

Parents can best nurture their children’s mental health by modeling healthy behavior, including being open about your feelings without oversharing details to show how you bounce back from a mistake.

8. Encourage connections

Social health is a major part of our mental health. Building relationships helps us learn how to be a better friend as well as learn critical social skills like reading and responding to nonverbal cues.

It is suggested that our children may need 30 minutes of face-to-face connections for every hour of online connections. That means you should balance the time spending on online video games with the time sending children outdoors to play with friends.

The Most Helpful Ways to Improve Children’s Mental Health (part 1)

There are several ways for parents to nurture a child’s mental health, such as encouraging social connections, building a close relationship with them, fostering independence, providing structure and boundaries, modeling positive behavior, and teaching healthy habits. In this article, we have broken down the most helpful ways to improve children’s mental health.

1. Balance closeness and compliance

One of the strongest protective factors against mental health disorders in children is a good relationship with parents. Leading with empathy and foster closeness everyday can help create a healthy relationship between parents and children. That makes it easier for your child to come to you when they have any problem.

This tip can apply to older children and teenagers the most since they are more likely to comply with parental requests if they feel loved by and close to their parents.

2. Be intentional and attuned

Paying close attention to their child’s verbal and nonverbal is helpful for parents to nurture their child’s mental health. This helps identify when their child needs someone to talk with or when they need support.

Parents are attuned to their child means that they are aware of their child’s nonverbal physical and emotional needs and empathically respond to meet those needs. That helps children develop a secure foundation to flourish their mental health. Children can sense whether their parents approve or disapprove of them. When they feel safe, children can learn best. Therefore, teaching them how to identify their feelings will help you and your child go further.

3. Let your child experience distress and failure

Commonly, parents want to swoop in and stop children from experiencing failure or heartache. But those experiences are key to building children’s mental health.

Consider standing on the sidelines as long as your child is safe and be ready to support and encourage them instead of fixing a problem as soon as it happens.

How to Stay Healthy While Playing Online Games (part 1)

Here are some tips for taking care of yourself as a professional gamer.

For many of us, playing games online is an excellent way of relaxation and escape. As beneficial as it is, doing a lot of gaming may affect your health. There are many ways to keep up your fitness while enjoy playing.

1. Protect your eyes

Fact: Staring at a screen for hours at a time can negatively affect your vision. Luckily, there are things you can do to protect your eyes.

Staring at a screen for hours at a time can negatively affect your vision. Some of the eye-related problems include dry eyes, blurred vision, and headaches. Luckily, there are things you can do to protect your eyes. For example, decide the appropriate position of your monitor; adjust the levels of brightness emitted by your computer; never play in the dark or somewhere too bright; take a break every hour; don’t play too much; moisturize your eyes; do palming in between and after you finish, and get enough sleep.

2. Have proper sitting posture

When you’re immersed in a game, you may not care about what’s going on around you, including what your body’s doing. Repetitive movements with your fingers and hands, poor posture, and long hours can cause pain to your body, increase the risk for musculoskeletal injuries. Just adjust the height of the chair in a way that lets your feet be flat on the floor, and your knees be in line with your hips. Ensure you sit up straight, and 20 inches or so away from the screen. The chair back should be reclined between 100 and 110 degrees. The keyboard and monitor should be put directly in front of you. 

3. Take a break every hour

Suggestion: Spend some minutes walking or stretching. 

Healthy Gaming Guide for Children That All Parents Should Know (part 3)

1. Develop healthy gaming habits

Instead of playing the parents’ role, you should become their friends. If you have time, you should play the games that your child wants to try and review them for your kids or play with them. But if you don’t have enough time for testing games, you can search and read reviews of these games instead.

2. Stay safe when gaming with others

With online games, players can enjoy the games alone or ask their friends to join them. Moreover, some games offer a multiplayer mode in which you will play games with strangers. It can be a chance for players to mingle with others and forge new friendships. However, it’s also a considerable threat, too, especially for children. They can be exposed to older players who might have evil intentions or bad influences. So for younger children who are vulnerable, it’s a good idea that you shouldn’t let them play any game like that because children can be exposed to some inappropriate behaviors such as swearing, aggressive language, etc. Sometimes, they might be bullied by other players, and it’s apparent that you don’t want your kids to suffer through that.

Your restrictions can be loosened as your kids get older. However, you should still make sure that your kids are aware of these risks and inform you or other adults when they are in trouble. Moreover, it would be best if you told your kids not to share their personal information online because this can put them and the family at risk. Also, show them how to deal with situations when someone wants their information. When your kids get older, they should know how to keep themselves safe rather than following parents’ rules all the time.

3. Respect other opponents

Some online games require players to compete with each other, so you can encourage your kids to compete with respect and kindness. It reminds your kids that whether they are competing in online games or real life, they should respect their opponents. Play fair and know what to say. Moreover, it would help if you also told them how to treat their friendly rivals and the bad ones.

Here are some guides to keep your kids healthy and happy while enjoying online games. These tips might ease parents’ minds, and maybe, thanks to online games, they can tighten their relationships with their children.

Healthy Gaming Guide for Children That All Parents Should Know (part 2)

1. Develop healthy gaming habits

You should give them a timetable of when and how long they can play online games, and if you have time, you should sit with them and watch them play. Moreover, you should agree with some rules with them. These rules might include:

• Only play games with G or PG rating

• Only play under the supervision of other adults so that they can ask for help anytime.

• Only play at a specific time, such as after school, before dinner, etc.

• Only play certain hours — no bargaining.

Besides helping to keep your kids safe, this habit also nurtures a sense of discipline for your kids. Don’t forget to give them surprising presents if they follow all the rules.

With older children, you can give them more choices and require more responsibilities from them. At this stage, you should have some discussions about playing games rather than giving them rules and forcing them to obey:

The best time to play games: they shouldn’t play games before bedtime because it can cause sleeping disorders. Try to enjoy games at the weekend.

Break time: they should take a break after every 30 minutes of gaming. Sitting too long can cause some health problems and lead to a fat belly, so try to stand up, walk around, or do some stretching.

The notifications: kids should turn off the notifications so that they don’t feel pressured to come back to the games.

The age: before playing any games, they should check the age rating. Some games have inappropriate content, and they shouldn’t play them.

However, teenagers are a real problem for parents. Your teenagers are at the age of rebellion, and they want to express themselves instead of following your rules. They tend to be interested in games which are classified for older teenagers or adults. However, if you want the best for your kids, you should follow classification recommendations that help your kids play suitable games.

Healthy Gaming Guide for Children That All Parents Should Know (part 1)

We all know that playing online games is widespread, and it attracts not only adults but also children. Like other means of entertainment, online gaming also has good and bad sides. In terms of the advantages of online games, we might know that playing video games brings lots of benefits.

First and foremost, this activity helps us relax. Online games are free and readily available, so we can play whenever we want, at any time. The content of games varies from adventure to art, which ensures that we all have unforgettable experiences with games. Moreover, some online games were are to be able to help people improve their intellectual abilities, such as strategy games. To get more information, you can check out Google.

However, the disadvantages of online games do exist, and they worry parents a lot because any child loves playing games. The first problem that all parents are afraid of is the addiction. Adults always think that their kids will be addicted to online games, and kids might be exposed to bad people on games. Furthermore, health problems also bother them. These problems are real, and once kids play online games, they are exposed to them, so what should you do to help your kids be invulnerable to these risks? If you are still looking for the answers, don’t skip this article. Today, we want to share with you some useful, healthy tips for gamers.

1. Develop healthy gaming habits

Your child can get lots of benefits from online games if you help him/her develop healthy gaming habits and show them the right games to play. Kids should also develop these habits as soon as they start playing games. With younger children, you should tell them what kinds of games they should play. If they love any particular types of games, ask them the reasons why they like them. 

The secret to keep fit of Hailey Baldwin (Part 2)

Applying diet for yourself, extremely strict beauty when choosing food. Food must always ensure gluten-free principles and minimize sugar use. Filtered water is an indispensable drink and beautiful people often drink a lot to smooth skin and slim shape.

Practice combined with ballet to keep fit

Supermodel Hailey Baldwin revealed, I practiced ballet for 12 years, right from my childhood. She practiced this subject because she loved it, passionate about flexible moves. Therefore, supermodels like to practice combining movement to keep fit.

Combine strength exercises and maintain balance

Beauty focused on Pilates, yoga combined ballet. In addition, she also practiced strengthening with Bosu balls. In fact, “exercise on Bosu balls is extremely perfect for balanced training. Fitness experts believe it enhances the mind and body connection”.

Hailey often changes exercises by practicing boxing and hiking. Since she was a dancer, she tried to incorporate it into many different habits, from yoga to hip-hop dance.

Relieve stress with light-hearted music

For a model, being pressured, stressed in everyday life is inevitable. So is supermodel Hailey Baldwin. To relieve stress, beautiful people look to light-hearted music. This is an extremely effective way to relieve stress.

If you live in New York, the beautiful people will light candles throughout your apartment to reduce stress. Meanwhile, sometimes beautiful people come to hot mineral pools with spa space to relax. Stress relief is essential, helping supermodels not to find food or anything less healthy that affects bodybuilding.

Sleep plays a very important role

In order to have a face full of vitality as well as to ensure a daily detox system to work, to help beautiful skin look beautiful, Hailey Baldwin especially emphasizes the importance of sleep. From my personal experience, beautiful people insist that sleep helps the body recover very quickly and the body is always full of energy to move.

The secret to keep fit of Hailey Baldwin (Part 1)

The wife of singer Justin Bieber – supermodel Hailey Baldwin has the secret to keep the shape extremely easy to apply to maintain a flat stomach, hunting not everyone knows.

The “future wife” of singer Justin Bieber – Hailey Baldwin supermodel recently made many people stunned when she met her on the road and below is the secret of keeping the shape of this beautiful, hot girl.

Every time they appear, whether on the street or when preparing to participate in New York week, supermodel Hailey Baldwin appears with a form that is more difficult to standardize. Her toned waist tightened her glamorous muscle, making it hard for the people around her to leave her eyes.

According to Hailey’s disclosure of People magazine, she obtained a six-pack abdominal muscles in part because of her practice, thanks in part to a special detox-release mechanism that enhances metabolism in the body. To learn more specifically, let’s explore the secrets of this supermodel’s shape!

Perform special detox mode on important occasions

According to the beautiful supermodel’s share, she often performs this special detox mode before traveling or having an important work plan like attending fashion weeks. This detox mode lasts about 10 days.

To make this detox, Hailey Baldwin changed the way food was chosen. She cleansed her body by not eating junk food and stopping taking synthetic supplements like protein powder. Instead, beauties eat a lot of green vegetables, fresh fruits and supplement their natural extracts.

Implementation of scientific nutrition

If not on a 10-day detox schedule, Hailey Baldwin still maintains a healthy diet, not a sock. She herself is very strict in the implementation of scientific nutrition. Specifically, the one-day diet of supermodels usually includes the following foods:

– Breakfast: Oat, fruit smoothie or omelette. Sometimes beauties change their toppings with whole-grain toast with ripe butter.

– Lunch: Salad, steamed vegetables and fish.

– Dinner: Eating lots of vegetables and pasta without gluten, adding a bit of protein-rich food like grilled chicken.

Five tips for a longer healthy life

Many people may be surprised to know that the United States has spent on average $9,400 per capita on healthcare, yet still maintain a low life expectation of 79 years, and only ranks 31st in the list of developed nations. It proves one thing: even if we invest much on health, it does not mean that we are investing in the right way. So, how can we have a healthy lifestyle to live longer? It is a myth that no one can give the totally right answer. However, the tips below can be always useful in any case.

Have a healthy diet

There are many healthy foods that have been proved to be good for our health such as vegetable, nuts, fruits, healthy fats, whole grains, and omega-3 fatty acids. In our daily meals, we should include the dishes that contain these nutrients. On the other hand, it is also necessary to realize the foods that are not good for health like sodium, trans fat, sweetened beverages, red meat and processed meat.

Doing exercises

Another healthy habit that can help you to pursue a longer life is practicing exercises. You should spend at least 30 minutes every day to do an exercise that is suitable for you. It is not necessarily a sport or serious gymnastic training. You can just spend time jogging, running around the park or lake and breathe in and out the fresh atmosphere there. Both of your physical and mental health will be boosted.

Maintain a good body weight

Each person is healthy with a particular weight for them. You can calculate the ideal body weight by using the index called BMI. The average BMI for normal people are often from 18.5 to 24.9. By knoweing the standard BMI of your own, you can try to adjust the weight to fit in and keep yourself healthy.

Never smoke

Smoking is one of the worst habits that can damage your health, aside from drinking alcohol, uncontrollable eating and being lazy for activities. Smoking can cause serious damages to your health, and even fatal diseases. To have a longer life, you should always stay away from smoking, and people who smoke.

Drink less alcohol

Like mentioned above, drinking alcohol is also one of the factors that lead to bad health. You can drink, but it is important to moderate it. A good amount of wine or alcoholic drinks can even benefits your health. The ideal amount for alcohol intake is from 5 to 15 grams for women per day, and 5 to 30 grams for men per day.

The above are top five tips to make you healthier and live a longer life. Try to make them become your habits. You will soon realize how they change your own life.


Yoga has good effects on improving health, helping you refresh your mind, reducing stress. In addition, this kind of exercises is also a great method to maintain your shape, enhance beauty for women, and improve the sex life for both sexes.

Improve health

Exercising yoga brings great health benefits such as: Increasing flexibility, strength for the body, make your body healthier; improve the operation of organ systems (nervous system, circulatory, digestive system …). In addition, yoga also helps to develop muscles and full of energy in learning, work and life.

Daily yoga is also a great therapy to prevent and treat diseases and improve health. Yoga exercises have such effects as: Preventing osteoarthritis diseases (lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, joint pain); improve lung function, stabilize blood sugar for diabetics; Reduce the risk of heart disease.

Improve body shape

This is why many actors, models, and singers practice yoga to improve and keep in shape. Practicing yoga brings you strong muscles, a fit body, helping young and beautiful practitioners. In particular, yoga exercises can also help a lot to fat people.

With fat people, yoga exercises help the muscles to become firm, consume excess energy but do not make you fee hungry, appetite; have a scientific diet, thereby improving the physique effectively. With thin people, yoga works to enhance metabolism, stimulate blood circulation, improve digestibility, help gain weight effectively and sustainably.

Improve sex life

What effect does yoga have on your sex life? Practicing yoga helps to improve the sex of both women and men. Yoga exercises help improve the functions of all parts of the body, increase flexibility and flexibility for muscles, especially the hip, pelvis and groin, thereby improving sexual ability

Especially, for women, when practicing Mula Bandha exercises, it will make PC muscles – pubococcygeus (muscle group running from the pubic bone to the coccyx) more firm, increase desire. For men, this exercise has the effect of extending your time.